Hundreds of pet care institutions set up over 30 000 appointments monthly.

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Reduce the amount of phone calls, work with animals more effectively

hiPets reduces the amount of phone calls and makes it a lot easier to focus on your job, which gives you more time to do what you love.

Appointments booked by your own rules

You are in charge of configuring the calendar, deciding what kinds of services are provided, as well as at what time, and with whom a client can set up their appointment.

Service catalogue adjusted for your branch

We provide a catalogue of services that is not only based on the most frequently provided pet-care services, but also common search queries. With that, your business becomes more distinguishable.


Say goodbye to missed appointments

We are well aware of how missed appointments can be detrimental to growth and management. Therefore, we are looking to implement solutions that encourage clients to attend their consultations, such as advance payments.

Appointment reminders

Each client will receive a text message with a reminder that includes the details of the appointment, as well as information related to its cancellation, which lets other clients book an appointment in place of the cancelled one with ease.

All bookings in one place

hiPets gives your clients the ability to preview and modify all upcoming appointments at once, without having to sacrifice your time with unnecessary phone calls.

Find out why our users love hiPets

  • I’m very thankful for what you guys do! Over the last few days, when we implemented the calendar, my superficial calculations were telling me about nearly 400 appointments (both completed and already booked) which means 400 less text messages. I am so happy and grateful over how well this works!

    Przychodnia Wierzbowa Dr. Grzegorz Król,
    Przychodnia Wierzbowa Łódź

  • Highly recommended! Using the app, as a pet nutritionist, has made work so much smoother. Thanks to the reliable calendar, planning is a cakewalk. Customers get a text message as an appointment reminder. Very intuitive. Clear and simple interface. :)

    AnimalDiet Agata Dziarska,
    AnimalDiet, Poznań

  • The hiPets calendar is great. At first, I was pretty hesitant, but after doing some thinking, I made my decision, and I don’t want to go back… I can set up an appointment using just my phone, so there’s no need for a physical calendar now. Clients book appointments by themselves - which put me off back then - but the calendar is well-organised enough that… More

    Finezja Kornelia Labudda,
    Salon groomerski Finezja, Rumia


Pet owners will love you

Your clients are no stranger to booking services online. It’s estimated that 93% of the UK adult population will be using online banking in 2022.

Half of your clients prefer booking appointments online

We studied the preferences of pet keepers - nearly 50% consider online booking as the most convenient option, and over 35% make their choice based on immediate availability.

Your best clients are the so-called “pet-parents”

They treat their dogs or cats as if they were a child, since they are willing to spend similar amounts of money on them. They always remember about preventive examinations and look for the right specialists. All of this can be done on a smartphone - and hiPets makes this possible.


You will bring in more new clients

We are the only place for pet-parents, by offering a wide variety of services for domestic animals.

As a veterinarian, marketing your business can be a hassle

We are well aware of this! In full compliance with the Code of Professional Conduct for Veterinary Surgeons, we are willing to help you gain more clients and stand out from the rest.

In case you work in other pet care fields, we will still grow your clientele

Pet owners turn to hiPets when looking for healthcare and grooming services. A hiPets profile will only improve the discoverability of your business.

Lead a modern business

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    Effective management

    The online calendar gives you full control over your schedule, which directly affects your income, by making it predictable. Furthermore, your employees will also benefit from its comfortable, streamlined design.

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    Customer loyalty

    A clear database that includes appointment history will help you establish long-term relationships with your clients. While memos make it easier to remember details of past visits, they also build client relations on a more personal level.

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    More income

    How often do your clients miss their appointments? Text message/email reminders significantly diminish the chances of situations like this happening, so as a result, you earn more money.

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    Online visibility

    An online profile that provides a list of services, as well as the possibility to book an appointment in just a few clicks, is available under a unique address, which is all you need to become one of the many businesses of the future.


Vet Groomer
Monthly fee £150 £100 + VAT £50 £30 + VAT
Additional Staff members all staff included plus £10
SMS 0.06p 0.06p
Payments 1.4 % + 20p 1.4 % + 20p
Trial 14 days 14 days

hiPets has greatly improved our workflow!


Placeholder Dr. Marcin Pikiel,
Specjalistyczna Praktyka Weterynaryjna

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